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“MCA is a labour of love and part of who I am. I put my heart and soul into my team, the children and the family’s we serve.”

A new school year brings with it excitement, anticipation, nerves, anxiety and a whole series of emotions. In my
24 years in education I have felt and experienced them all!! I have been that first year teacher, I have been that
mom dropping her first born child at preschool for the first time, I have wiped the tears of parents who are
distraught leaving their child in the care of another…..BUT….I have also picked up a happy child at the end of the
day, embraced and comforted a child struggling with separation anxiety, laughed and shared in the delight of the
children who are so excited to be at school. So many wonderful feelings.

We all experience emotions differently and we all have different strategies and ways to cope. I work with my
team here at MCA to be respectful and compassionate toward our parents and children. It isn’t easy separating
for many, and we understand and empathize. We want our parents to feel supported and nurtured as much as
their children are. Our combined years of experience and our educational teachings have taught us well. If
parents are stressed and anxious, children will be stressed and anxious. If parents are excited and confident
that they’ve made the right choice, children will be more at ease and transition smoothly. We encourage our
parents to create a routine right from the first day of school.

Our parking lot limits us from allowing indoor drop offs. In turn we have our drop off/pick up line for the busiest
times of the day. This process has proven to be very efficient and surprisingly simple and straight forward for
the children. It allows them to independently walk into school, prepare themselves for their day and enter their
classrooms with confidence, ready to face each new day! We also find that separation anxiety has been reduced
significantly, a positive side effect that we hadn’t anticipated.

We look forward to welcoming our families to our annual “Meet and Greet” each year on the Wednesday before
school starts. This is an opportunity for everyone to come and see the classroom and school space before the
year commences. The children can find their coat hooks and cubbies, greet their friends and teachers, and
parents can familiarize themselves with our space and meet our staff.

Team MCA is warm and diverse group of women who work collaboratively and tirelessly to provide an optimum
early learning experience. It is a true privilege and blessing to work alongside such a dynamic and invested