“MCA is a labour of love and part of who I am. I put my heart and soul
into my team, the children and the family’s we serve.”

Montessori Children’s Academy is located on the banks of the Grand River in the beautiful community of Paris, Ontario. The school is an alternative educational experience for children age eighteen months to six years.

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MCA provides individual programming specifically designed to follow your child’s interests and developmental needs. Each classroom is equipped with the Montessori materials and is led by a fully certified Montessori teacher. The school is licensed and monitored by the Ontario 

Ministry of Education. Montessori Children’s Academy is a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Montessori Administrators and the American Montessori Society. MCA is committed to the full Montessori experience. Our 3 year CASA program prepares your child for tomorrow’s future.



Our goal is to create life long learners in the safe and comfort of our classroom environment while working in partnership with parent support. We offer children a “prepared environment” rich in opportunities to construct learning experiences at their own pace. They will develop their senses, their awareness of the world around them, their ability to care for themselves, for their environment, and for others. Most importantly, their natural drives toward independence, movement and self-mastery will be nurtured, and their spirit will be celebrated.

MCA is a sunny, cheerful place with caring teachers and classrooms filled with colorful and exciting materials. It is also a community of families with diverse backgrounds who provide a wealth of interests, abilities and support to help our children get started on their lifelong adventure
of learning.


At Montessori Children’s Academy Inc. we are committed to providing children with an exceptional beginning. It is our belief that if given the opportunity all children have the potential within them to do great things. By providing an inspirational learning environment based on the principles of the Montessori philosophy we aspire to develop independence, confidence and respect while guiding and nurturing each child’s individual development.



We have created a prepared environment where children are free to explore and choose their own work with enthusiasm and interest.



Your child will be empowered to discover their own learning style and set the pace that best suits their individual needs.



The environment and gentle guidance of the classroom directress will encourage the children’s development of kindness, courtesy and self-discipline.


Montessori Children’s Academy has an amazing team of qualified teaching staff that are invested in providing an exceptional beginning for your child. Each individual brings a skill set and set of expertise to share and together collaborate to create an exemplary program for each individual child.

“A good beginning never ends”

we are committed to providing children with an exceptional beginning. Dr. Montessori’s developmental approach gives the child the luxury to learn at his own pace. In a society with so many external pressures on children to progress and perform at such high levels, a Montessori environment provides them with the opportunities to adapt, experience success and to be the child they need to be. At MCA we truly believe in “following the child”.