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“MCA is a labour of love and part of who I am. I put my heart and soul into my team, the children and the family’s we serve.”

Welcome to the inaugural MCA blog post. Montessori Children’s Academy is a labour of love, my life long dream and my passion. Montessori education gives children the strongest start in life we can provide. We embrace the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori and deliver a program designed from birth-age 6.

Research clearly shows us that for every dollar invested in early learning we get a return of $4-$9 (Centre on the Development of the Child, Harvard University). Children that have been followed into adulthood benefited from increased earnings while the public saw returns in the form of reduced special education, welfare and crime costs as well as increased tax revenues. Montessori education is investing in your child’s future.

Our programs are designed as multi age groupings to enable an optimal learning environment for young children. The classrooms focus on practical living skills, sensorial exercises, mathematics, language and cultural activities (botany, zoology, geography, history, art, science and music). We approach each child individually and embrace their uniqueness and accept them for who they are.

Montessori classrooms have proven time and time again, that when the child enters a casa classroom at age three they work to first discover and in their second year they work to repeat, refine and grow their academic playing field. But it is the last year (age 5), when the culmination of impressions and experience finally blossoms and the child really does lock-in that academic knowledge forever and this closure is what breeds their sense of confidence for life.

I look forward to sharing inspiring educational, parenting and informative articles along with my views and opinions through this blog. Please feel free to sign up to follow along.
Best Regards,
Miss. Heather

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